Dr Gemma Taylor and colleagues are further developing the newly established UKSBM Mid-Career Network (MCN). If you’re interested in becoming a member of the network or know someone who might be, please complete the expression of interest form and forward this information to your colleagues. For more information email uksbm-mid-career-network@bath.ac.uk.

What is a mid-career researcher? 
A mid-career researcher is someone who has a general sense of developing responsibility or autonomy for research; who is starting to manage or mentor other researchers, or has started to show leadership in other academic or clinical domains; and is not principally defined by the number of years since completion of their PhD/Doctorate.

What are our aims and values?
The MCN aims to: Support training and professional development in research, management and leadership skills; Establish mentorship opportunities for both mentors and mentees; Foster collaboration and peer-support within and between universities, healthcare agencies, public health institutions and other related organisations; Promote collaboration, team science, and shared reward and incentive structures; Promote a healthy work-life balance while achieving progression in science.

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