Who are we?
The UKSBM Mid-Career Network (MCN) is a group of self-identifying “mid-career” academics, researchers and clinicians with an interest in behavioural medicine, science and practice. The network has a committee to organise events, training and to identify mid-career priorities. Details of the MCN committee members can be found on our webpage.

Who can join?
If you self-identify with one or more of these statements, then you are a mid-career researcher according to the UKSBM Mid-Career Network. A mid-career researcher is someone who has a general sense of developing responsibility or autonomy for research, i.e., an experienced and senior post-doctoral researcher. They are likely to be someone who is starting to supervise, manage or mentor doctoral students and researchers, and/or has started to show leadership in other academic or clinical domains (i.e., research-led teaching, running or developing courses). Mid-career researchers are not principally defined by “the number of years since completion of their PhD/Doctorate”

How can you join?
To sign up to the MCN network please provide your contact details on our sign-up form.

Upcoming Events
The official launch of the MCN will be at the annual UKSBM conference in January 2021.

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