UKSBM Mid-Career Network: Leadership and Diversity Webinar

Monday 4th July 2022 at 10am

About this event

We are pleased to host Dawn Edge and Sarah Peters (both from University of Manchester) who will talk about current issues relating to leadership within academia.

This event is open to UKSBM members only. If you are not yet a member or are a past member, please register for UKSBM membership here.

Professor Dawn Edge

Values-based Research Leadership

‘Team research’ is increasing referenced. However, research remains highly competitive, and ‘I’ versus ‘we’ is often encouraged and rewarded; countering the collaborative research narrative. This is particularly evident in early research and academic careers – for example, in promotions processes and competitive fellowships. The focus of this session will be on the importance of authenticity for not only surviving but thriving when organisational cultures, systems, and processes appear antithetical to your vision and values. 

Dr Sarah Peters

De-gendering the academic workload 

Research and academic careers are multifaceted and complex to navigate, often with unclear paths and rules, resulting in a diversity of workloads. The phenomenon of the gender pay gap alongside concepts of the ‘leaky pipeline’, ‘glass ceiling’ and ‘sticky floor’ are attempts to describe how gender impacts on career progression. Reasons are also complex and arise from the interplay of structures, expectations and interactions, both in and beyond the workplace. In this session, we will consider how university settings can foster unequal gendered workloads, and explore approaches to de-gendering workloads in order to create more equitable and collaborative working environments.

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