The UK Society for Behavioural Medicine is a network of academic and clinical health researchers interested in applying knowledge, theory and evidence on health-related behaviours to improve the health and wellbeing of people in the United Kingdom and beyond.

Behavioural Medicine is concerned with the development and integration of environmental, behavioural and biomedical knowledge relevant to health and disease. Our interdisciplinary field draws together experts in medicine, social science, health psychology, public health, epidemiology, medical sociology, health economics, statistics, nutrition, exercise, health services research, and more.

Together, we pursue knowledge to inform the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of illness. This includes the prevention and treatment of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, depression and arthritis through a focus on health-related behaviours such as healthy eating, physical activity, alcohol and drug use, smoking, managing medications, managing stress and anxiety, and engaging with other recommended self-care practices.

UKSBM was formed in June 2004 and it is affiliated with the International Society of Behavioral Medicine (ISBM). See the UKSBM BMJ editorial (2006) for further information.

What can we offer?

Our society and its members can offer the research, practitioner and policy-making communities informed opinions and robust evidence of regional, national and international importance and we actively seek to inform national policy and guidance relevant to our field.

Membership provides an exciting opportunity for interdisciplinary cross-fertilisation and exchange of ideas in order to improve heath and prevent disease.

What are the goals of UKSBM?

  • To encourage and promote exchanges of scientific information and professional experience between social, behavioural and clinical scientists, as well as practitioners
  • To stimulate research and the development of research capacity through formal meetings and collaborative undertakings
  • To raise the profile of behavioural medicine within UK science and health policy
  • To develop and maintain liaison with the International Society for Behavioral Medicine and other related local and international professional organisations