Children's Health Special Interest Group

Focus and purpose

To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, knowledge, information and best practice for those interested in the application of behavioural medicine to the early modification of children’s lifestyle behaviours encompassing the broader factors that influence children’s social, emotional and cognitive development, and the interventions that can improve them. 
By bringing together researchers, clinicians, third sector organisations and public/patient representatives to facilitate the exchange of information exploring the complex relationship between children’s lifestyle behaviours, wellbeing and health, and including individual-level, population-level and multi-level interventions, the SIG aims to enhance networks and collaborations as an opportunity to decrease risks of developing non-communicable diseases in adulthood. 

Planned activities

  • Holding conference symposia, webinars, and one-day meetings to raise the profile of relevant work focused on children, their behaviours and their environments
  • Supporting liaison between UKSBM and other national and international professional organisations relevant to children’s lifestyle behaviours
  • Supporting UKSBM mentoring scheme
  • Disseminating relevant topic updates and information to members
  • Facilitating connection between the UK Prevention Research Partnership (UKPRP) GENIUS network, focused on health-promoting food and nutrition systems in UK schools; the UKPRP MatCHNet network, focused on the evaluation of the impact of national maternal and early years policies on adverse child health outcomes; and the UKPRP ActEarly consortium, which aims to improve the life chances of children by focusing on improving the environments that influence their health


The Children’s Lifestyle Behaviours, Wellbeing and Health SIG held a webinar on Tuesday 15th Sept 14.30-16.00 entitled ‘Current Issues in School Food’. See the Webinars page for a recording of the event available to UKSBM members. The Twitter hashtag for this event was #schoolfood
There will be a Children’s Lifestyle Behaviours, Wellbeing and Health SIG meeting at the UKSBM Annual Scientific Meeting, 13th and 14th January 2021. Further details will be added shortly.

Chair of the SIG


Dr Suzanne Spence
(Newcastle University)

Dr Stephanie Chambers
(University of Glasgow)