How to join the UKSBM

You can join the Society simply by completing the membership form.

For a subscription of just £55 a year (£15 for students) you will receive regular updates on UKSBM activities, reduced rates for attending meetings, affiliate membership of the International Society of Behavioral Medicine and electronic access to the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine and the Journal of Behavioral Health Services and Research. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our membership secretary Waku Maboshe at

Membership categories

Full members are resident in, working in, or citizens of the United Kingdom and have completed an undergraduate degree and/or relevant clinical training. Full members can vote on UKSBM matters and hold office (commercial conflicts of interest will be taken into account with regard to committee membership).

Student/Trainee members are enrolled in a course of accredited study or training, either full-time or part-time. Student/Trainee members must state the duration of their study or training and provide proof of enrolment at the time of application and annual renewal. Part-time students who are also currently employed in a clinical capacity are not eligible for student/trainee membership.

Associate members are those who support the purpose and objectives of the UKSBM, but do not meet the requirements of full membership. Associate members cannot vote or hold office, but enjoy all other benefits of full membership. The Associate membership fee is £55 per year.

(Membership does not certify competence in Behavioural Medicine and cannot be used as an indication of competence in any representation to the public).

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  Why join the UKSBM?

  • An exciting opportunity to contribute to the field of Behavioural Medicine in the UK and to exchange ideas with behavioural scientists and experts across disciplines
  • Reduced rates for UKSBM conference registration and specialist one-day meetings
  • Invitations to research and training webinars, and opportunities to host webinars and one-day meetings
  • Access to Special Interest Group networks and events, and support to establish new Special Interest Groups
  • Access to the UKSBM Early Career Network and Mid-Career Network, and associated events 
  • A flourishing mentoring programme for career development facilitated by senior UKSBM members
  • Opportunities to contribute to national policy and clinical guidance consultations
  • Free electronic access to International Journal of Behavioral Medicine and Journal of Behavioral Health Services and Research
  • Affiliate membership of the International Society of Behavioral Medicine and updates on the International Congress of Behavioural Medicine