Upcoming events

The UKSBM is an active society providing members with regular opportunities to connect, collaborate and share latest research findings. In addition to the Annual Scientific Meeting, we hold regular online meetings and one-day events. Webinars are hosted by our member networks including the Early Career Network, Mid Career Network, and Special Interest Groups.

December 2023

Previous events

Mid Career Network Webinar

Date: 4th July 2022, 10-11am

Topic: Leadership and Diversity


Early Career Network Webinar

Date: 15th October 2020, 4-5pm (via Zoom)

Keynote Speaker: Dr Rochelle A. Burgess (Deputy Director of UCL Centre for Global Non-Communicable Diseases) on “Who is research for? Exploring the tensions and opportunities of meaningful community engagement in health research.”

Early Career Flash Talks: To showcase the excellent research being carried out by existing and potential UKSBM ECN members, early career researchers will deliver short virtual poster flash talks at this event. 

 A recording of the event will be available exclusively to UKSBM members here shortly. Check back soon for access.

“Current Issues in School Food”

The Children’s Lifestyle Behaviours, Wellbeing and Health Special Interest Group launched their new network by hosting a popular webinar on 15th September 2020 all about current issues related to school food.

After an introduction from UKSBM President Annie Anderson and the new SIG Chair, Prof Jayne Woodside, the event kicked off with a talk by Dr Charlotte Evans on changes in diet and nutrient quality of English primary school children’s packed lunches between 2006 and 2016, and the effectiveness of lunchbox interventions. Dr Laura Johnston then discussed whether packed lunches are still the ‘dish of the day’ compared to family meals, Dr Tess Capper spoke on successful dietary interventions in the secondary school setting, and Rhona Duff gave a presentation on differences in adolescents’ dietary intake when food is purchased at school versus elsewhere during the school day.

A recording of the event will be available exclusively to UKSBM members here shortly. Check back soon for access.

“Behavioural Science in Cancer Prevention, Screening and Early Diagnosis”

The Cancer Prevention and Screening Special Interest Group held their inaugural event on 24th July with a packed programme of speakers. UKSBM President Annie Anderson and SIG Co-Chair Dr Jo Waller opened the webinar, followed by a keynote talk by Professor Kate Brain on “The ABACus trial of a targeted intervention to encourage cancer awareness and help-seeking.”

Dr Mohamad Saab  presented on a qualitative and participatory action research study on ‘SWIFT’ lung cancer detection in high-risk individuals, and Victoria Woof delivered a talk on the views of British-Pakistani women about engagement barriers and service inequities in the NHS Breast Screening Programme. The programme closed with a Q&A and the official launch of the SIG by Co-Chairs Dr Rebecca Beeken and Dr Teresa Corbett.

A recording of the event will be available exclusively to UKSBM members here shortly. Check back soon for access.

“How to manage our research/life during the corona crisis”

A joint webinar between the UKSBM Early Career Network,  ISBNPA NESI (Network of Early Career Researchers and Students of ISBNPA – International Society of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity) and ISPAH (International Society of Physical Activity and Health).

This webinar explored the challenges PhD students and early career researchers may face as a result of coronavirus and the best ways to deal with the impacts of the pandemic. Professor Kylie Ball, Deakin University, and Professor Annie Anderson, University of Dundee, shared their views on the best ways to stay motivated during the lockdown period in order to progress with research and discussed ways to deal with unexpected changes to research plans and stresses associated with our altered working environments. Moderated by Sarah Shaw and Sofia Strommer, both of University of Southampton.

A recording of this event can be found on the ISBNPA website.