Mid-Career Network

The UKSBM Mid-Career Network (MCN) is a group of self-identifying “mid-career” academics, researchers and clinicians with an interest in behavioural medicine, science and practice.

What is a mid-career researcher?

If you self-identify with one or more of these statements, then you are a mid-career researcher according to the UKSBM Mid-Career Network.

A mid-career researcher is someone who has a general sense of developing responsibility or autonomy for research, i.e., an experienced and senior post-doctoral researcher. They are likely to be someone who is starting to supervise, manage or mentor doctoral students and researchers, and/or has started to show leadership in other academic or clinical domains (i.e., research-led teaching, running or developing courses). Mid-career researchers are not principally defined by “the number of years since completion of their PhD/Doctorate”.

To sign up to the MCN, email UKSBM-mid-career-network@bath.ac.uk with an expression of interest.

Our mission statement and values

The UKSBM MCN aims to develop and foster management and leadership in behavioural science. We believe in team-science, shared reward and ownership, and collaboration across disciplines and institutions. We aim to:

  • Support training and professional development in research, management and leadership skills
  • Establish mentorship opportunities(i.e., as a mentor, and mentee)
  • Foster collaboration and peer-support within and between universities, healthcare agencies, public health institutions and other related organisations
  • Promote collaboration, team science, and shared reward and incentive structures
  • Promote a healthy work-life balance while achieving progression in science and academia

Committee Members

Dr Gemma Taylor, Chair

Assistant Professor in Clinical Psychology, Cancer Research UK Postdoctoral Fellow; Addiction and Mental Health Group (AIM), Department of Psychology, University of Bath


Dr Eleni Karasouli, Deputy Chair/ General Secretary

Senior Research Fellow, University of Warwick, Warwick Clinical Trials Unit


Dr Sally Adams, Communications Officer

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Addiction and Mental Health Group, University of Bath


Dr Sarah Chapman, Events Officer

Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology, University of Bath


Dr Sarah Hotham, Liaison Officer  

Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Health Services Studies, University of Kent


Dr Angeliki Bogosian, Web Officer 

Affiliation: Senior lecturer, Division of Health Services Research and Management


Dr Joanna Goldthorpe, Training Officer 

Research Fellow, Division of Psychology & Mental Health, Division of Psychology & Mental Health